Kinect Performing Better Than Expected In Japan

By Colin Tan on November 29, 2010, 12:20AM EDT

Microsoft's Xbox 360 may constantly suffer poor sales in Japan and Kinect was speculated to follow a similar route, however the company has managed to shift 26,000 units of their motion controlling peripheral since it launched in Japan.

The latest figures from Media Create show that alongside the 26,000 Kinect sales, the Xbox 360 has also enjoyed a significant boost of 7,083 units, placing it above the DS Lite, PSPgo and PS2, but significantly lower than that of the DSi (20,550 units). In addition the PSP currently sits at a whopping 96,601 units sold.

On the other hand, Kinect has managed to sell over a million units in a matter of just ten days after its launch in the West.


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