MAG Escalation DLC Released Alongside Discounts And Special Offers

By Colin Tan on November 5, 2010, 2:42AM EDT

Zipper Interactive announced today the release of the new DLC pack for MAG, dubbed Escalation. It pits all three PMCs together on three new maps. The DLC pack also comes with additional weapons including assault rifles, machine guns and sniper rifles.

In celebration of the release of the Escalation pack, Zipper also announced some very special offers for MAG in general.

  • Escalation Add-on Pack: $7.99 Through November 9 (until 11:59pm Pacific), anyone who purchased our previous DLC pack, Interdiction, prior to Midnight Pacific Time on October 28 gets 20% off the Escalation asking price!
  • Interdiction Add-on Pack: $4.99, reduced from its original price of $9.99; this is a permanent adjustment
  • MAG Starter Kit: $14.99 Valued at almost $30, it's everything new MAG users would want: Both the Interdiction and Escalation Add-on packs, a 30-day trial for MAG character slots B and C, six official MAG PS3 avatars that sport Raven, SVER, and Valor characters and badges, and three dynamic PS3 themes (one for each PMC).
  • PlayStation Plus Members receive special bargains as well. Through December 14, "PS+" members can purchase Escalation at the discounted price of $7.99 and Interdiction at half price, for only $2.50!

Players that play any of the available map packs during the period from November 2 to November 14 will also enjoy some neat XP bonuses. Here's the trailer,

Source: PlayStation Blog

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