MonkeyPaw Games Reveals Two New PSN Imports

By Shawn Collier on November 15, 2010, 8:44PM EDT

MonkeyPaw Games, which has already released quite a few import titles on PSN, have just announced that they will be adding two more titles to the PSN Import store, which includes a puzzle game and a top-down shooter.

Money Idol Exchanger is a puzzle game which uses coins instead of the usual colored drops or buttons, with a unique aspect in which falling coins can be combine with the existing coins on the field to create new coins. The game also include a two-player Versus mode for players to duke it out.

Sonic Wings Special is an (up to) two-player arcade-like top-down shooter, with players controlling a variety of different jet fighters and includes a lot of action for those who enjoy the genre.

Both titles will be added to the Import section of the PSOne Classic section of PSN tomorrow and will be $5.99 each.

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