Nexon's Vindictus Named Top Game At Korea Game Awards

By Colin Tan on November 19, 2010, 3:24AM EDT

Vindictus, a free action MMORPG from Nexon, has been awarded the Grand Prize at the 2010 Korea Game Awards at G-Star, marking the very first Grand Prize win for Nexon.

Vindictus, or rather Mabinogi Heroes as it's called in Asia, is an action MMORPG that runs on a modified Source Engine. This allows destructible environments and elements that can be picked up and used as weapons and can even be thrown at enemies.

The game was praised especially for its high octane action and impressive graphics as well as for its implementation of an online physics engine. Along side the Grand Prize and for the first time in history, director Eun Seok Yi won all the technically creative awards for every category. Vindictus also won the Popular Game Award for online gaming.

"It is such an honor for Nexon to receive the Grand Prize at the Korea Game Awards at G-Star," said Seo Min, the CEO of Nexon. "We, at Nexon, pledge to continue creating revolutionary games like Vindictus. We are pleased we are being recognized for our efforts."

"We are grateful that we are getting recognition for our hard work on Vindictus," said Eun Seok Yi, Director of Vindictus. He added that he would like to "share the award with everybody from the development team who has worked very hard alongside him for so long." He also "thank[ed] the Vindictus players for their support of game."

Interested? You can join the adventure over at the official site. It's quite addicting and impressive for a free MMO.

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