Next Game Will Be The Last He Directs Says Shinji Mikami

By Colin Tan on November 4, 2010, 11:59PM EDT

Speaking about joining the Bethesda family, Shinji Mikami reveals that the next game will be the last he directs.

"That's something I was planning for from the start," says Mikami.

"I can only last for so long handling both director and company president duties, and besides, I want to give our younger developers a chance. Knowing that, of course, makes me want to put all of my experience, my energy, and everything else I've got into this game. I'm pretty lucky that [Bethesda] was willing to accept that, too. Too many publishers are only interested in the very near future, after all."

Mikami described Bethesda as the "best match" when he was searching for a new business partner.

"Bethesda was the best match among them because they gave us the most independent development environment to work with as we pursue our goal of producing Japanese games that work worldwide -- that, and their track record when it comes to overseas sales."

Shinji Mikami is currently working together with Suda51 on Shadows of the Damned.

Source: 1Up

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