SEGA Builds Hedgehog Road Crossing As Numbers Drastically Decline

By Colin Tan on November 11, 2010, 1:51PM EDT

Numbers of hedgehogs has been on the decline with an alarming 300,000 fewer of the little critters roaming the roads of England than there was a decade ago. An estimated 50,000 of them die on the roads every year as the number of cars rise and farming practices intensify each year.

In light of that, SEGA built a temporary road crossing in Twickenham, south-west London, for their favourite animal in order to raise awareness. Who better to team up with the initiative than the people that created Sonic The Hedgehog? It also coincided with the release of Sonic Colours for the Nintendo Wii and DS.

"Our hedgehogs had great fun ruling the roads for the day with the hedgehog crossing and it will hopefully encourage everyone to do their bit in helping the hedgehogs of Britain stick around for years to come," said hedgehog handler Trevor Smith.

"Hedgehogs are an intrinsic part of British wildlife and with Sonic the Hedgehog such an institution we thought he was the perfect figure to raise awareness of their plight," added SEGA's Anna Downing.

Source: The Daily Mail

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