Stargate Worlds Developer Gets The Axe

By Colin Tan on November 11, 2010, 4:26AM EDT

Stargate Worlds developer, Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment, has reportedly lost all license to the Stargate franchise as owner MGM Studios issues notice of termination.

Stargate Worlds was announced in 2006 but was put on hiatus to make way for a shooter spin-off, Stargate Resistance. The game released in February, however Cheyenne Mountain then filed for bankruptcy in March and assets were given to Fresh Start Studios and Dark Comet Games who were soon sued for fraudulent use of assets.

An Arizona Judge ruled in favour of Cheyenne Mountain, returning all assets under their control, however MGM Studios then terminated all licenses to Cheyenne Mountain which allowed them to create games based on the Stargate movies and series.

Source: Nerdvana

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