Demon's Souls Online Servers Gets Extended Again

By Colin Tan on December 18, 2010, 2:36AM EDT

The world of Boletaria has been given extended life yet again. Atlus has decided to keep the servers up past the already extended window, saying the it wouldn't feel right to shut them down at this point in time.

"We've said it before and we'll say it again," said Atlus' Manager of PR and Sales Aram Jabbari.

"We will support the online servers for Demon's Souls as long as we possibly can, and we'll be as transparent about the entire process as possible, hence us constantly updating folks as to what to expect.

"That said, we're starting to think the servers may have taken on a bit of a life of their own. Have you played the game? It's not just one of the most brilliant roleplaying games ever made; it's darn challenging, too. It's starting to feel like even if we wanted to, we couldn't shut things down.

"Honestly, we're more worried the servers will shut us down than the other way around."

Hopefully neither side gets shut down in the long run as Demon's Souls has garnered quite the following. Atlus also announced plans for a Pure White Tendency event, allowing newcomers to "ease into the treacherous, brutally addicting world of Boletaria" while giving hardcore the chance to access the harder secrets of the game.

Demon's Souls is now part of PlayStation's Greatest Hits catalogue and is available in stores for $29.99.

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