Microsoft Deny Fixing Kinect Shortages To Breed Hype

By Darryl Kaye on December 6, 2010, 11:53AM EDT

Despite rumours and conspiracy theories shot in the direction of Microsoft, they have denied purposely causing shortage of their own product in order to breed hype.

The accusation has recently gained more traction after Michael Pachter accused the company of doing just that. He said "both companies would very much like for consumers to believe that their devices are highly sought after and difficult to obtain."

However, Microsoft's general manager Neil Thompson has denied the claims by saying "Anyone who actually works in the business of producing new technology, especially hardware technology, will know that these things are never managed."

He went on to say "Everyone else loves to think that they're managed, but they will know it's not. It's a function of coming to market with a brand new innovation and you have to scale up."

It's reassuring to know, but it will probably do little to stop the conspiracy theories.

Source: Games Industry

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