Microsoft: Nobody Bought Xbox 360 Faceplates

By Colin Tan on December 16, 2010, 4:00PM EDT

Remember the days when the Xbox 360 had changeable faceplates? Those days are now gone with the new smaller version of the Xbox 360 and for good reason too. It didn't sell all that well.

Both first and third party faceplates were available for the Xbox 360 for about £15 (USD$25) with the third party brands usually costing less.

"The idea wasn't bad," Penello said to Official Xbox Magazine. "People used to put faceplates on their cell phones. Rewind five years, faceplates were what everybody wanted to do.

"It turned out nobody bought it. So [we stopped] making them. We killed that one pretty quickly."

So, 360 users, do you customize your faceplates and will this feature be sorely missed?


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