New President For PC Gaming Alliance Appointed

By Colin Tan on December 15, 2010, 6:21PM EDT

The PC Gaming Alliance has appointed a new president as outgoing Randy Stude steps down for unknown reasons, although he will remain with the group.

Matt Plohar, Intel Strategic Planner, will take the position as new President of the alliance, a group dedicated "the continued momentum and success of PC gaming worldwide."

Ployhar was initally the head of the Data Research subcommittee and had worked at Microsoft for 13 years before joining Intel.

"With the PC Gaming market continuing to rapidly innovate and evolve, I look forward to working with the PCGA board on the strategic choices that face our alliance," said Matt Ployhar.

"I am also very committed and passionate about growing the relationships necessary with our industry and community leaders to ensure the continued momentum and success of PC Gaming worldwide. It has also been a great honour working with Randy Stude whose leadership resulted in the PCGA's launch in 2008 and accomplishments since that time."

In addition, Rick Carini is now vice-president of the group.


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