White Knight Chronicles Episode Portable: Dogma Wars Gets Trailer

By Colin Tan on December 2, 2010, 5:14AM EDT

A new trailer for White Knight Chronicles Episode Portable: Dogma Wars on the PSP has been released. It's in Japanese, but it does show off some of the gameplay mechanics including character customization and the battle system.

Like its older brother on the PS3, Dogma Wars includes online and co-op play. The game comes with an online license that players can use to connect with other players through infrastructure mode on the PSP.

The original White Knight Chronicles' producer Kentaro Motomura revealed a bit about the backstory of "transforming heroes" that are prevalent in the game.

"This may or may not apply to the western markets, but in Japan, there are a lot of productions that include "hero" characters. As a child (especially boys) we see a lot of characters who transform into heroes, and naturally this becomes something like a dream for many of us in Japan. We ran with that idea, and with some curiosity of what would happen if transforming heroes were introduced to a fantasy world?"

See the trailer below,

Source: Siliconera

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