Agito XIII Renamed, Now Final Fantasy Type-0

By Darryl Kaye on January 18, 2011, 8:14AM EDT

When it was revealed that Square Enix had registered some new copyrights for Final Fantasy Type-0 and a few other numbers, speculation was rife about what it could be. It's unlikely that anyone predicted what it would be though.

Square Enix has officially renamed Final Fantasy Agito XIII to Final Fantasy 0-Shiki, or Final Fantasy Type-0.

The decision was made because the development team wanted to make it a series in its own right, so there will be direct sequels to this title (Type-1, Type-2, etc.). It will still be part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis series, but only loosely.

The other surprising news, was that the game will ship on two UMDs, yes two. It will be the first game to do so. It's also been given a launch window of Summer 2011.

Source: Andriasang

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