Direct2Drive Introduces Their New Digital Rentals Service

By Beyhan on January 26, 2011, 8:03AM EDT

One of the major players in PC digital distribution, Direct2Drive, has introduced a new feature to their online shop, digital rentals. This new feature was introduced under the radar for most gamers last weekend.

D2D's feature allows gamers to purchase games for $5 and allows 5 hours of gameplay. If the consumer decides to purchase the game at a later stage, the price of the game is reduced by $5.

The first titles to be part of this new service are Silent Hill: Homecoming, Grid, Divinity 2 and F.E.A.R.

This comes at a time when competitors are also having incentives to buy from their own services. Onlive's rental service allows gamers to rent for 3-days at the price of $5.99 and 5-days for $8.99. Steam haven't introduced renting on their service, but do sell games are very low prices, mainly during the weekends and the "Midweek Madness" Sales.

With the lack of PC demos coming out, Direct2Drive's new service looks quite attractive to gamers who just want to have a taste of a title of their choice.

Source: CVG

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