Killzone 3 Dev Diary Talks Gameplay Mechanics

By Colin Tan on January 31, 2011, 3:46AM EST

Guerrilla Games have released a dev diary talking about the Killzone 3's gameplay mechanics and the improvements the team has made to them. The video also covers additions like the brutal melee and heavy weapons.

Killzone 2's gameplay was largely debated with concerns about how sluggish it felt to go from the hip to down the iron sights of a weapon. The weight of each weapon made the game feel realistic, but the aiming and shooting suffered as a result. Seems like it's all been fixed in Killzone 3.

Check out the dev diary below, there's plenty of new gameplay footage to go along with the topics the dev team talks about.

Killzone 3 is out February 22, 2011 exclusively on the PlayStation 3.

Source: CVG

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