New SF X Tekken And Tales Info Likely To Appear This Week

By Shawn Collier on January 31, 2011, 7:12PM EDT

Earlier this week, we reported on a teaser website Namco Bandai had put up, which showed off a distorted version of Tales of Graces f's logo. As the week progressed, other logos such as Tekken appeared as well as a date: February 2, 2011. It now appears that date might be signaling a larger press event.

The first bit of news comes from a report by one of our networked Unions, Tales Union. When a user asked Sony on one of their recent blog postings if they were aware of the date posted on the teaser website, they replied that Sony was attending an event hosted by Namco Bandai.

The other bit of news comes from Richard Bantegui, who tweeted that Yoshinori Ono, the man known for being the father of Street Fighter, would be heading to Namco Bandai's offices tonight.

While it's not confirmed, it's likely he's there for the press event to show off more information about Street Fighter X Tekken and Tekken X Street Fighter, along with whatever other games Namco Bandai has up their sleeve.

Gaming Union will be covering whatever news breaks from the event, so be sure to check back later this week!

Source: Tales Union

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