Ninja Gaiden III To Be Completely Different

By Colin Tan on January 25, 2011, 12:28AM EST

Ninja Gaiden III is going to be very different from the past games, according to Team Ninja's Yosuke Hayashi. While the first two games focused on cutting and dismembering enemies, IGN reports that the third will be focused on the feeling of realistically cutting through flesh and bone.

Sounds wickedly painful. And fun.

"Ninja Gaiden I was all about cutting people and in Ninja Gaiden II it was about dismembering enemies," Yosuke told IGN. "In Ninja Gaiden III, you're going to experience something new regarding the feeling of cutting people.

"You'll actually feel how it feels to cut through someone; you'll feel the bones breaking. We're going to focus on the feeling of cutting someone more than dismembering them."

Players will no longer be able to slice through enemies like a hot knife through butter. Bodies actually present some form of resistance against Ryu's blade.

"You'll have to press buttons, things like that, to have your katana go through the bodies. There will be force-feedback to reinforce the idea; There will be work to cutting somebody," he explained.

"The intention for this title is to focus on the feeling of cutting someone instead of just going through entire armies of bad guys."

Hayashi also notes that the game is set after the events of the first two games and players will be exploring more of Ryu's character, his past and his inner demons.

"We're going to focus on all aspects of Ryu as a human being rather than a generic ninja character."

He finished off with saying, "we are trying something new for the gameplay and starting over from scratch."

Source: IGN

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