Plants Vs Zombies Coming To PlayStation Network

By Colin Tan on January 28, 2011, 9:38PM EDT

Popcap Games has announced that their all-too-popular and addicting tower defense game, Plants vs Zombies, will be coming to the PlayStation Network pretty darn soon.

"Yes, Plants Vs. Zombies, our splendiferous strategy game that pits loveable eco-friendly plant life against undead, traffic-cone-wearing, brain-eating zombies, is coming soon to PSN," said Popcap Games' Jeff Green.

Unfortunately, Green was not able to reveal the release date or pricing detail. He did explain why: "I'm not allowed to post the launch day! I must answer to my masters, who wield large cattle prods. Electric ones."

Plants vs Zombies. On PSN. Looks like the waiting game begins.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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