Platinum Games Announces Max Anarchy

By Shawn Collier on January 25, 2011, 10:10PM EDT

After last year's Vanquish, which we gave a 9/10, many have been wondering what Platinum Games has been up to. Those who were wondering don't need to wait any longer, as the developer has officially announced their next title.

The game is entitled Max Anarchy and looks very much like MadWorld, but with color this time instead of a black and white color scheme. Not much is known about the title except that it will be the developer's first game with online multiplayer, a feature that was missed in Vanquish. It also will feature Jack from Mad World.

The title will be published by SEGA and currently has a 2011 release date set in Japan. SEGA and Platinum Games haven't commented on a North American or European release date, but likely will in the coming days.

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