PS3 Custom Firmware Bricks 60GB Models

By Colin Tan on January 17, 2011, 10:00PM EDT

While Sony and George Hotz are busy dealing with each other in the courts, in appears that a recent custom firmware release for the PS3 has started to brick the console, at least the 60GB models.

Apparently CFW 3.55 was just released and a number of all too eager individuals rushed, downloaded and installed the little sucker in order to start - ahem - backing up their games. Unfortunately for them, the firmware was broken and PS3s were bricked.

One would think people would've learned from the same mistake that happened with PSP custom firmware releases, but nevertheless, if you're going to install CFW in order to back up games, it's all done at your own risk.

And irony can be a nasty bugger, just so you know.

Source: Destructoid

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