Sony: Saying Smartphones Are Irrelevant Is Foolish

By Colin Tan on January 28, 2011, 7:14PM EDT

The PlayStation Suite was announced yesterday alongside the NGP and Sony US president Jack Tretton has described a bit of the reasons for the new cross-hardware service.

He acknowledged that it would be foolish to ignore the success of the iPhone and Android and it would be a waste if Sony were to ignore the market.

"We've always been about, what is the market? What is the opportunity? Seize the opportunity and differentiate yourself," Tretton told Engadget.

"To sit there and stick your head in the sand and say, 'smartphones are irrelevant, there are no other gaming mediums,' I think would be foolish, and it would be a disadvantage for us, because we have all these great games. We have this great gaming heritage.

"If you truly believe in your brand and you truly believe in your technology, expose yourself to as many consumers as possible, so hopefully PlayStation Suite introduces people to the PlayStation brand and ultimately they follow the breadcrumbs back to NGP and to our other devices. We've got this huge library of PlayStation One games that are tremendous games, especially when compared to a lot of the other stuff you're seeing on smartphones. That already sets the bar very, very, high," he said.

Sony believes that they can raise the bar regarding quality and value on titles released for the mobile market.

"The PSOne games are already state-of-the-art compared to what a number of consumers get with that type of investment on a smartphone," said Tretton. "It's gonna set a level that'll force other games to measure themselves against, in terms of what they can economically justify.

"I would stack a lot of those PSOne experiences very fairly against what people are spending good money on [with smartphone titles], and I think it is a buyer beware market because there's no standard. Anybody puts anything out they want out on a smartphone and you don't know what you get until you buy it. I hope with the credibility of the PlayStation Suite, there'll be an expectation that we can execute against in terms of quality."

Tretton also says that PlayStation Suite could potentially be another entry for budding designers and artists.

"Now with things like the PlayStation Network and smaller digital games, you've really got a great breeding ground for development and we've reaped great dividends, and not only great content but great developers that have gone on to do bigger and better games, and we never would've gotten the opportunity to know them if it wasn't for things like Minis and PlayStation Network. So I think PlayStation Suite expands that even more."


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