The Successor To The PSP Unveiled: Codename NGP

By Colin Tan on January 27, 2011, 2:43AM EDT

Big boss at Sony PlayStation Kaz Hirai has just unveiled the successor of the PlayStation Portable at the PlayStation Meeting 2011 in Tokyo today! Alike and unlike rumours and leaked images of the PSP2, Codename NGP is more akin to the original PSP in that it keeps its original brick format as opposed to the PSPgo's sliding screen.

Codename NGP features dual analog sticks, front and back touchpads as well as a five inch high resolution OLED screen that is four times the resolution of the PSP - 960 by 544 pixels. The device supports 3G data and WIFI as well as what looks like to be an SD card with a bit of a twist. It also features front and rear cameras and motion sensors.

Sony's new portable platform is set for release this holiday season! Complete with a killer line-up of titles that include hits like Killzone, Resistance and even Uncharted.

Source: Engadget

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