Through the Grapevine: PSP2 As Powerful As PS3

By Colin Tan on January 13, 2011, 3:03PM EST

As if the rumour that the PSP2 is penned for a formal reveal in Tokyo on January 27 wasn't enough, it appears that the elusive device will be just as powerful as the PS3, if MCV's reports hold true.

Sony has apparently been pitching to licensees that their new high-end portable device is the equivalent and just "as powerful as the PlayStation 3."

Publishers have been consulted by Sony, who has been asking about launch titles and the first wave of games and content. Sony is also requesting that developers deliver content with richer quality and a more engaging experience in order to differentiate their platform from Apple's iOS devices and the Android platform.

Sony are supposedly set on using physical media to deliver games, believing that it will aid in the console's life cycle on the retail front, unlike the PSPgo that depends entirely on digital distribution. Like the current PSP, the PSP2 will also have access to smaller games and apps via the PlayStation Store in addition to physical media.

Gamers will be happy to know that the platform features a HD screen and a twin analog stick set up. Sony is expected to reveal a lot more about the PSP2 during GDC and E3 this year.

The PSP2 is expected to launch in the Q4 period.

Source: MCV

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