Uncharted And Resistance NGP Being Made By New Devs

By Beyhan on January 31, 2011, 9:03AM EST

In the impressive demonstration of the new NGP, gamers got the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the new Uncharted title for the handheld console. However, series developers, Naughty Dog, aren't the developers of the new title. Instead, creators of Syphon Filter, Sony Bend, will be taking control of the first handheld adventure.

Developers of the famous Resistance series, Insomniac Games, will also not be developing the game for the new console. The duties will be taken over by Nihilistic Software. Nihilistic have currently been developing the new PS3 Move mascot showcase Heroes on the Move.

As we have seen in Sony's previous handheld, the changing hands of developers is nothing new. Grand Theft Auto for the PSP was made by Rockstar Leeds, not Rockstar North. The God of War games were made by Ready at Dawn instead of Sony's Santa Monica Studios.

Source: Kotaku

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