Visceral Games Exploring Dead Space Film

By Colin Tan on January 28, 2011, 9:19PM EDT

Speaking with the BBC, Visceral Games have revealed that they are exploring the prospect of a film adaptation of their popular survival-horror Dead Space, saying that a film would not be rushed so as not disappoint friends with a "cheap" movie.

"We would love to have a live action film and we've had a lot of discussion," said Dead Space art director Ian Milham.

"But one of the reasons Dead Space still exists and is popular is because we've made sure to do everything right.

"So we're doing the same with the film, not just a cheap cash-in but to do something really worthwhile, so we'll see."

Visceral and EA recently released Dead Space 2 on January 25, introducing a more action-oriented horror experience and a new multiplayer mode to the franchise.

Source: BBC

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