Activision 'Abused' Guitar Hero Franchise

By Darryl Kaye on February 18, 2011, 3:13PM EST

Guitar Hero died as a brand because they "abused it", says one of the people who helped to make it big in the first place. But he also believes the franchise could still have a future, if it's done correctly.

Speaking to MCV, Kelly Sumner, the former CEO of RedOctane, Guitar Hero's first publisher, said:

"They abused it [Guitar Hero]. There's no reason why Guitar Hero cannot continue. It's a great product.

"My gut tells me there is still a significant market for Guitar Hero. Not every game can be a billion dollar franchise, but maybe that's what Activision wants. I'd be surprised if they sold the brand as it'd prove to the world there is still a market for this product and show them up."

He pointed at Take Two, ironically, as a perfect example of how a company should look after their franchise, citing Grand Theft Auto as the epitome of nurturing a brand.

Source: MCV

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