Dragon Age II 'More Tactical' Than Origins

By Colin Tan on February 22, 2011, 6:12PM EDT

Touching on the gameplay mechanics of Dragone Age II, BioWare feels that it's a lot more "tactical" when it comes to the action in comparison to Dragon Age: Origins, addressing concerns that the sequel might be a bit too noob-friendly.

"There's always a danger of alienating the hardcore when you change anything "“ they wouldn't be the hardcore if they didn't truly love what was already there," lead designer Mike Laidlow said in an interview with <a href=http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/gamesblog/2011/feb/22/gamesblog-live-mike-laidlaw-dragon-age-2">The Guardian.

"But we wanted to make sure that we held onto the elements that made Dragon Age: Origins strong "“ party-based, tactical "“ even going so far as to replace spell-combos with cross-class combos so that now, when a mage freezes someone, a mage can't blow up that guy like you could in Origins; now a warrior or rogue has to get involved.

"So the whole party becomes part of this concert of death, which makes the game even more tactical," he added, "but the fact that now, you charge into combat and swing, rather than shuffling awkwardly into position, to me takes care of a convention we could do without."

Concerns were raised when Mass Effect's decision wheel was spotted and the gameplay mechanics seemed far more action oriented compared to your standard point and click RPG mechanics. BioWare, however, feels differently, saying that action games have been borrowing from RPGs for quite some time now.

"There was even some initial backlash with people asking: 'What, have you made it an action game?' The answer is, frankly, action games have been stealing from RPGs for the past five years "“ levelling up, and getting a badge so that you can get a new weapon, that's an RPG mechanic.

"So it's time that we, as a genre, took a look at some of those elements that action games have done exceptionally well and asked what we can learn from them."

The Dragon Age II demo is out on Xbox Live with the PC and PS3 demo coming later today. On that note, BioWare's giving out unlockable in-game content should the registered download mark for the demo hit one million.

Source: Eurogamer

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