Forget Monopoly, Here's A Plants vs Zombies Board Game

By Colin Tan on February 19, 2011, 2:20AM EST

The zombies have left your favourite electronic devices and are infesting the more traditional gaming platform: board games. As seen at the Toy Fair 2011 by Kotaku, the pic above is a prototype of the Plants vs Zombies board game Screenlife is planning on making.

The game will be a two to four player board game featuring 80 zombie and 40 plant cards. Dice rolls and play cards will determine how the battle for survival plays out. There are various game boards for each player and it seems like you'll be able to mess around on other players' properties, making this more of a competitive game than your usual Plants vs Zombies.

Plants vs Zombies: The Board Game, is scheduled for release later this year and you won't need to spend hundreds on a snazzy iPhone, iPad or whatever other platform the game is available on.

Source: Kotaku

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