Kotick Says Activision Could Reinvent Guitar Hero In The Future

By Colin Tan on February 12, 2011, 1:36AM EST

Both the Guitar and DJ Hero franchises had their plugs pulled by Activision recently due to lacklustre sales in the music genre. However, that doesn't mean that's the end of it. According to good ol' Activision CEO Bobby Kotick, both franchises might see some form of revival in the future when the time is right.

Kotick spoke with CNBC earlier in the week, saying that the company has decided to focus on more profitable areas, taking Guitar and DJ Hero "off the table."

"... We had three fantastic products in the marketplace in the [music] genre this year, our two games, DJ Hero 2 and Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, and then Rock Band did a terrific game, but it's just not a category that's getting consumers enthusiastic right now, and so I think you need to focus your resources on the things that really gets consumers excited," said Kotick.

"If something's not working, we'll take it off the table, maybe reinvent it in the future, but our focus is really on figuring out what are the things that are going to excite audiences the most."

"We can never say never, but over the past two years we have seen rapid declines in the music genre, and unfortunately, based on current demand, we simply cannot continue to profitably make these games given the considerable licensing and manufacturing costs."

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Source: CNBC

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