Naruto Shippuden: Kizuna Drive Demo Now On PSN

By Shawn Collier on February 17, 2011, 4:11PM EDT

Naruto fans itching to play a new title after the recently released Naruto Shippuden: Shinobi Rumble have another game to look forward to: Naruto Shippuden: Kizuna Drive for the Sony PSP. The company has a nice surprise for fans as well, in the form of a PSN demo.

Naruto Shippuden: Kizuna Drive is a brand-new Sony PSP Naruto game that borrows a lot of its gameplay style from the excellent Monster Hunter franchise. Complete with an original storyline and a new multiplayer combat system, fans can take part in a Story Mode with dozens of missions or build their own team in the game's Free Mission Mode. The "Kizuna Drive" namesake in the title comes from a new combo system that lets players chain their attacks together for devastating damage at the cost of inflicting damage on yourself if you miss the timing.

Naruto Shippuden: Kizuna Drive will be released in North America on March 22 on the Sony PSP for $39.99 and is now available for pre-order. As said before, those wanting an early look at the game can download the free PSN demo available through the PlayStation Store.

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