New Government-Founded UK Developer Creates Jobs For Industry

By Colin Tan on February 10, 2011, 2:26PM EDT

Outplay Entertainment, a brand new government-founded UK developer studio, was recently revealed today. It's situated in Dundee, Scotland and is backed up by the Scottish government, in hopes to create 150 new jobs for the industry.

Backed by Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond, the founding of Outplay hopes to negate the closure of APB developer Realtime Worlds. The studio is founded by Douglas and Richard Hare and will focus on publishing games for smartphones, tablets, Android and iOS.

"There's clearly a lot of success around those platforms. They're growing at an incredible rate. We also factored in Android, Facebook, iOS, as well as Windows for phones and a whole roster of slate or tablet devices coming out as well. There's such an uptake on these formats, and an insatiable appetite for games on those types of devices. It just seemed like a natural place for us to go," Douglas said in an interview with NowGamer.

The UK's been hit by a recent wave of layoffs in the industry and the country fears that local talent may be lost to overseas competition. Outplay Entertainment has yet to announce any titles in the works.

Source: NowGamer

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