New PS3 Jailbreak Is Ctrl-Z To PSN Bans, Allows Hackers To Ban Others

By Colin Tan on February 19, 2011, 3:15PM EST

As though the startling news of PSN being hacked and credit card information being at risk as a result wasn't bad enough, it appears that hackers have managed to piece together a new Jailbreak that will enable a user to unban themselves from PSN, and vice versa. This seems like a response to Sony's recent statement that users caught running unauthorized software on the PS3 will be permanently banned from PSN.

The new hack allegedly enables hackers to sneak back onto PSN and unban themselves. That's not the kicker, however, as the hack also lets them to ban other PSN accounts, supposedly at their whim, so long as they possess the console's ID.

Sony is still pursuing the hackers on the legal front, while the hackers seem to just want to one-up the corporate suit. Either way, the average gamer isn't benefitting from any of this. If only both sides were to drop what they were doing, but if things were that simple, we'd have world peace by now.

Source: Destructoid

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