Pro Gamers Play Nintendo 3DS Without 3D

By Darryl Kaye on February 7, 2011, 2:42PM EDT

According to a report conducted by EDGE Online, professional gamers are deciding to play the Nintendo 3DS without the 3D enabled.

The report was conducted at a recent event hosted at Tecmo Koei's Tokyo Headquarters. A mini tournament was held for Dead or Alive: Dimensions, and the majority of gamers turned off the 3D, as having it on lowered the game's performance.

Having the 3D turned on meant the game had an average of 30fps, having it off, meant the game worked at 60fps.

"This preference coupled with 3DS's awkwardly positioned D-pad, led some at the event to wonder whether a version for Sony's NGP would offer a better portable experience," said the report.

This could be seen as a worrying sign for Nintendo, as they have also previously stated that 3D isn't good for extensive playing.

Source: Edge

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