SOCOM 4 Full Deployment Edition Announced

By Colin Tan on February 25, 2011, 11:00PM EDT

The boys at Zipper have unveiled the limited edition bundle for SOCOM 4. Dubbed the Full Deployment Edition, the box comes with a copy of the game, a PlayStation Eye Camera, both the Move controller and navigator, and finally the PlayStation Move Sharpshooter peripheral.

The bundle weighs in at a pretty low $149.99, considering all of its contents, which senior community manager Jeremy Dunham points out that sold seperately, costs a hefty $220. In addition, preordering the game will net you two "unique slug-powered shotguns" regardless of which version you get. However, those that preorder at GameStop will receive not only the shotguns, but an exclusive map based on the classic Abandoned map from SOCOM and SOCOM II.

Zipper also revealed on GTTV that players will be able to slip into the shoes of South Korean 707th covert operative "45".

"Acting as the team's primary form of reconnaissance, 45 slinks into various locales under the cover of night to capture valuable intel and sabotage enemy operations. Armed with silenced weapons and a handy stealth meter that lets players know how visible they are to hostile forces, 45 is a sneaky badass that adds a lot to the already-intense SOCOM 4 experience. We really think you're going to enjoy playing her missions and we're glad to finally let that secret out of the bag," says Dunham.

SOCOM 4 hits stores on April 19 in North America.


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