Super Street Fighter IV 3DS To Be Completely Unique

By Beyhan on February 7, 2011, 9:19AM EST

As a treat for the people who are eagerly waiting Street Fighter IV on the 3DS, look no further. A video which contains 5 minutes of gameplay, plus, an interview with Capcom Producer Yoshinori Ono has been released to tickle the interests of gamers alike.

The video contains a few modes from the new game. The regular fighting mode which the franchise is famous for, a unique mode where players can develop the stats of fighters and let the game fight for you with, competing with other 3DS consoles via the new "Street Pass" feature, and a 3D mode, where it will change camera angles as the match progresses.

Ono goes on to explain the features of the 3DS and how they are incorporated into this new version and why it is unique to any Street Fighter that has been released. He also went on further to explain how the game has been designed to not only be for the hardcore fans, but also accessible to gamers who are new to Street Fighter or gaming altogether.

The game is expected to be launched sometime during the early period of the launch window of the 3DS.

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