Uncharted 3's Fire Effects Will Be 'Brilliant'

By Darryl Kaye on February 7, 2011, 5:47PM EST

Naughty Dog has already stated that they want to tackle fire and sand in a big way with Uncharted 3, and Arne Meyer has now detailed exactly how far they're going by lifting the lid on their procedural fire damage.

"It's not just a static asset," said Meyer. "The fire deteriorates the wood realistically and there are blowback effects, like you would expect. The smoke is looking much better this time around."

He also went on to speak about how the environments will actually degenerate over time, if you stay there long enough.

"You could sit down and watch the chateau burn around you, if you sit there long enough," he boasted. "Essentially, we're programming oxygen and then having the fire follow it around the environment."

It sounds rather crazy, and there's sure to be someone who actually records that once the game comes out this November.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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