Undead Labs And Microsoft Bringing Zombies To Xbox Live

By Shawn Collier on February 4, 2011, 4:06PM EDT

Undead Labs and Microsoft have announced that they will be working together to bring a zombie survival title to the Xbox 360's Xbox Live Arcade platform. For those who don't know about Undead Labs, the founder, Jeff Strain, was one of the three people who founded ArenaNet.

According to the developers from the game's first press release, "Class3" (the game's current codename) is a third-person action game packed with guns, cars, hand-to-hand combat and of course, tons of zombie beating gore. In a unique twist, the game has an open-world system which updates in real-time, shaped by the player's actions.

The general manager of Microsoft Game Studios, Matt Booty, has this to say about the partnership:

"We are proud to collaborate with Undead Labs on the creation of a new game for Xbox 360. The Undead Labs team has a successful track record making innovative online games, and we are excited to support them as they bring their experience and talent to Xbox LIVE."

The game is currently under development and hasn't been given a tentative release date, with the developer stating that more information about the game will be released in the coming months.

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