Yakuza 4 DLC Free In The US

By Beyhan on February 8, 2011, 10:55AM EDT

Following the announcement of the "Kuro" and "Shiro" editions of Yakuza 4 in Australia and UK respectively, it seemed like the US would miss out on all this extra content. Well not anymore. SEGA has announced that the content from those editions will be available for free with all US version of Yakuza 4.

The pre-packaged copy in the US will come with these necessary codes in the box. Note that like in Yakuza 3, these codes will also be a one-time code only. These include:

  • Bonus costumes for Kazuma, Akiyama, Taiga, Tanimura, and Haruka

  • Survival Mode

  • Underground car park racing

  • The much-loved underground Fighting Arena

But that is not all. For the people who pre-order it from Gamestop, they will receive a Dynamic Hostess Theme for PSN which contains the ladies from the game.

There is more content to be announced come closer to the release of the game. Yakuza 4 is going to be released on the 15th of next month in the US, and in Europe on the 18th.

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