Zipper Talks SOCOM 4 Co-op

By Colin Tan on February 24, 2011, 9:21PM EDT

Zipper Interactive's updated the SOCOM 4 blog with talks about the game's co-op mode. Alongside the game's single player campaign, you'll be able to hook up with four other players to form your own squad of five in the game's co-op mode.

The co-op mode will feature a number of "dynamic" missions specifically designed for co-op play. There are two co-op game types, Takedown and Espionage. Takedown is an assassination type game where players are tasked with searching and eliminating VIPs whereas Espionage will have players focused on gathering intel in order to sabotage enemy operations.

Zipper community "specialist" Chris Roper boasts that although players will be able to adjust the difficulty settings and enemy population density before each game, SOCOM 4 on the easiest settings is still a considerable challenge and will require precise teamwork and coordination.

Roper also teases that GTTV will be unveiling more of SOCOM 4 later tonight. So be sure to keep your eye on that. SOCOM 4 hits stores on April 19 exclusively on the PS3, complete with PlayStation Move support.

Source: SOCOM Blog

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