Amazon Struggling To Meet 3DS Pre-Order Demand

By Darryl Kaye on March 25, 2011, 11:10AM EDT

Amazon are failing to cope with the sheer depth of pre-orders for the Nintendo 3DS, as many customers have been left without a console on release date despite ordering well in advance.

A lengthy thread has appeared on the online retail giant's website, with a large quantity of customers complaining that they can't even cancel their orders any more.

"Mine still says dispatching soon which it has done since last night but still says for delivery on the 25th . Games are scheduled for delivery today but I have nothing to play them on .... Absolutely disgusted," said one disgruntled customer.

Amazon has responded to the complains with a broad statement which reads "Thousands of customers have already received their Nintendo 3DS console and we will continue to make deliveries throughout the day."

It seems as though many customers won't receive their consoles until tomorrow or early next week though, something which will leave Amazon rather red-faced.

Source: CVG

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