Angry Birds Sales Top 100 Million

By Beyhan on March 15, 2011, 1:13PM EDT

The ever popular game from Rovio Mobile, Angry Birds, has just passed 100 million downloads, says marketing executive, Peter Vesterbacka. This impressive figure was announced during a panel talk at an Interactive conference in Austin.

It is also interesting to note that around 40 million monthly active gamers spend around 200 million minutes a day in front of the highly addictive mobile app.

On another note, Vesterbacka also made a controversial statement that "tablets are killing consoles" and that most of the innovation in gaming now days has "clearly" moved to the mobile platform.

Angry Birds is still expanding its bird throwing empire with a port for the Nintendo 3DS and maybe DS and Wii, according to a reply tweet made earlier this year.

Source: Mobile Entertainment

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