Ape Escape PS3 Announced With Move Support

By Colin Tan on March 11, 2011, 3:47PM EST

Sony's announced a new Ape Escape game for the PS3, complete with PlayStation Move support. Under development by Sony Worldwide Studios' Japan Studio, Ape Escape features 15 stages that fully utilize the PlayStation Move as a variety of items like the Banana Zapper and Monkey Net.

There are two types of gameplay modes players can look forward to, "bash off apes in Chase battles or attack and defend simultaneously to prevent monkeys from grabbing your bananas in fast-paced Capture battles."

"Pay a visit to the Goodies section to review your monkey manoeuvres or hone your chimp grabbing skills in a training session to see how each of the gadgets work. Ape enthusiasts can also log in to Monkeypedia, and check out over 500 different monkeys available to capture."

Source: CVG

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