Chime Super Deluxe Hits Next Week With New Multiplayer Modes

By Shawn Collier on March 26, 2011, 5:16PM EDT

Last month, we showed off a trailer for Zoe Mode Entertainment's Chime Super Deluxe, an improved and remixed version of their original game Chime on XBLA, but the developer still hadn't nailed down a finalized release date for the PSN release. We now have word of the date, along with information on some of the new multiplayer modes available.

Chime Super Deluxe is a PSN port of the original Chime for XBLA, but with a bevy of new modes and content. The PSN port will include a brand-new Co-op and Versus mode. Co-op lets players work together to fill up the grid as quickly as possible and keep it going to get a higher score. Versus mode has players work against each other to cover as much of the grid as possible, but with the added ability to "steal" parts of your opponent's grid.

Chime Super Deluxe will be released on March 29 in North America for $9.99, with an European release following a day later for £7.19/€8.99.

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