Darkspore Pushed Back To April, Devs Making Final Tweaks

By Colin Tan on March 19, 2011, 5:34PM EDT

Maxis' Darkspore has been pushed back to later next month. The game was initially scheduled for a March 29 release, but will now hit retails on April 28 instead.

Maxis revealed that the reason for the delay was so that the team could make some final adjustments and tweaks based off the recent beta program.

"Thanks to everyone who has participated in the Darkspore beta! We've received really positive feedback about the game, as well as some suggestions of things you'd like to see," announced Maxis.

"We're really close, but in order to make the best game possible, the team has decided to take additional time to incorporate more of your feedback. Darkspore will now be available in NA April 26 and across EU/APAC beginning April 28."

In addition, an open beta is scheduled to start next month: "We're also planning an open beta for everyone in April, so you can invite any friends to play with you to check out the game and have the opportunity to provide further feedback."

Source: Darkspore Forum

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