Duke Nukem Forever Delayed.... Again

By Beyhan on March 24, 2011, 10:47AM EDT

The curse of Duke Nukem Forever has struck, again. Gearbox has come out and announced that it will be delayed for a month. And no, this isn't a joke.

Announced via an amusing YouTube Video, Gearbox President Randy Pitchford reports that the game will be released on the 14th of June in North America and the 10th of June for the rest of the world.

Pitchford said "I'm very sorry for the added delay. We've all been working extremely hard and are very eager to deliver the game to you," he later on continued by saying "I've been thinking of these lyrics from the great country song, 'He's The Duke' - 'He told us if we waited we could Come Get Some, but I never knew Forever was going to be so long.' If you're like me, June cannot come quickly enough."

The game was given an 18 rating due to its "strong violence, sex, nudity, language and drug references", and rightly so.

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