First Details On Final Fantasy Type-0

By Colin Tan on March 21, 2011, 5:49PM EDT

The first few details of Final Fantasy Type-0, previously Final Fantasy Agito XIII, have surfaced, thanks to the latest issue of Japanese magazine, Jump. The issue details the backdrop in which the game is set as well as a couple of characters.

According to Jump, there are four regions, Rubrum, Milites, Anaze and Kogai, each holding a power of the crystal. Each of these regions also have a magic school, based on the four Chinese zodiacs: Suzaku, Genbuu, Souryuu and Byakko. The students seen in the trailer belong to the Peristylium of Rubrum (Suzaku), which wields the power of magic. Byakko is the wielder of science, Souryuu of dragons and Genbu of knights.

As for the two characters, they are known as Ace and Queen. Jump describes Ace as a wielder of cards and a passionate fighter while Queen is a stern and just leader who uses a sword. In addition, players will be able to lead a party of three into battle and perform various actions and combos.

Final Fantasy Type-0 does not have a solid release date yet, but is slated for release on the PSP. You can watch the trailer released earlier this year at the Square Enix Premiere Production event below, it's quite brutal for a Final Fantasy title.

Source: Andriasang

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