First Details On Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

By Colin Tan on March 24, 2011, 2:03PM EDT

The first details on the mysterious Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City have emerged by way of the latest issue of OXM. The title was first made known last year when Capcom announced that Vancouver-based, SOCOM developer Slant Six Games would be handling the title's development.

The game hits both the PS3 and Xbox 360 later this year and brings players back to where it all started, Raccoon City. Unlike previous Resident Evil titles, you won't play as BSAA agents, but as a "quartet of new faces" part of the Umbrella Security Services.

Players can choose between four different characters to play as and depending on the choice, will have varying responsibilities. The four characters are Vector, Beltway, Bertha, and Spectre. Players will also be locked in a three way battle with the US Spec Ops and the zombies as they are tasked with wiping out all evidence, zombies and survivors alike.

Gameplay is described as "dirty," more so than previous games, and will feel darker than usual. It's not just about blowing up zombies either, you can manipulate the battlefield by engaging other soldiers and "making them bleed."

Zombies can sense players in three different ways, including sight, smell and sound. OXM describes a scene where one of the characters cloaks himself and alerts nearby zombies to use against the US Spec Ops troops.

There will be cameos and depending on the character you play as, may have the opportunity to "kill Leon," or save him. OXM also explains that players will have access to "big guns" and more than enough ammo to go around: "it's not fair to give people big guns, then take all the ammo away."

Even more details are listed in the next issue of OXM, so stay tuned for more.

Source: StickSkills

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