Free Realms Hits PSN, Supports Trophies And More

By Colin Tan on March 30, 2011, 5:12PM EDT

Sony Online Entertainment's Free Realms hit PSN this week. The free-to-play title is the first casual MMO to be offered on the PS3. It also supports Trophies as well as voice chat.

"Players can take on endless amounts of roles including ninjas, warriors, or wizards, while participating in a variety of activities such as adventuring for treasure, playing a soccer game, decorating their player house, or even entering a demolition derby! If you are seeking a totally different challenge, you can participate in minigames and quests that include decorating your player house, constructing a maze, or exploring the terrain on the back of a cool T-Rex Ride."

Here's the trailer,

Source: PlayStation Blog

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