GAME Staff Encouraged To Buy Rival 3DS Stock

By Colin Tan on March 29, 2011, 1:27PM EST

UK retailer GAME confirmed that its employees where encouraged to take advantage of rival Tesco's pre-launch Nintendo 3DS offers to stock up on their own pre-owned supply of Nintendo's new handheld device.

According to what Eurogamer dug up, GAME employees were encouraged to take up Tesco's £175 offer and were actually given £209.90, the price of a 3DS and one game based on Tesco's deals, in order to buy the device and trade it in with their own store.

"Whilst we are unable to competitively match this offer in terms of a mint price, it offers a great opportunity to gain 3DS consoles and games for your store's pre-owned stock," reads the document.

Apparently, multiple trips were also encouraged with a number of 3DS titles featured in the document as high priority purchases, including Nintendogs, LEGO Star Wars III and Super Street Fighter IV. These were then sold to customers at "the same price as mint due to expected supply shortage." These units were not sold to customers until GAME's own mint stock sold out.

Source: MCV

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