GDC 11 Unreal Tech Demo Leaked, Only Runs On Super PCs

By Colin Tan on March 4, 2011, 3:35PM EDT

Epic Games' GDC 11 Unreal Technology tech demo has been leaked onto YouTube and the footage looks pretty darn exciting. Showcasing a ton of impressive visual effects in real time, like rain, smoke and whatnot.

The tech demo was shown as a proposal for what may be possible with the next generation of gaming platforms with Epic VP Mark Rein saying, "This is our proposal for what the next big generational leap of gaming should be."

However, Rein admitted that the demo won't run very well on today's PCs, pointing out that it currently runs with not one or two, but three Nvidia GeForce GTX 580 graphic cards installed: "Maybe the next Nvidia graphics card bump means we can use two, we don't need three. And maybe the next bump means we can use just one. And the next bump after that means that we can use the mid-range card."

Check out the leaked footage below.

Source: Big Download

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